The current globalised and interconnected world has also brought a sharp increase in mass movements around the world. For the most part, just to satisfy our desires, and with all this, our emotions hang. In my project, I dealt with the emotion of "trust" and the commodity of "blood." I created an imaginary society, its name, symbol, color, and communion with the font. The important thing was to link the name of the emotion and the name of the company, the creation of the whole CI of the company, including letters, stamps, passing protocols, packaging method and containers.
 4 heart – 4 blood types. Trustport is a blood transfusion service that provides life-saving blood. I wanted to represent the trust outside of the company name with a non-discontinued symbol. The chosen font is Gotham Rounded Bold.

logo, mercantile prints, container, stamp, tape, commodity (blood bag)
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