Our task was to create a set of 16 airport-themed pictograms: arrival, information, departure, transfer, check-in, smoking room, changing corner, chapel, luggage, duty-free, directional arrow, women‘s room, men‘s room, lounge, passport control and baggage check.
The first task was to research pictograms at airports. Pictograms weren't meant to be made for a particular airport, so it was more challenging for me to find a choke point or shape to come out of. The natural association to the words airport, flight time, flight for me are the words air, wing, bird, speed... The wing was the obvious choice. The next step was to simplify the shape in order to make the design of the pictogram realiable. The wing, as simplified as possible, is therefore found in all pictograms, in varying quantities and arrangements.

Pictograms were not meant to be created for specific airport.

16 pictograms, 4 real pictograms
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