My final work deals with the redesign of biological scripts for secondary schools and grammar schools from 1994. The scripts cover the theme „Basics of Human Biology“ and are part of a 5-part set. In the first part of this thesis, the theoretical background is clarified, which relates to the issue of the process of approval of teaching aids and recommended propriety of scripts and textbooks. These findings are further applied in the analytical and practical sections. The analysis section contains the results of a questionnaire created by me, designed for past or current students of J. V. in Klatovy. It examines students‘ views of scripts and opinions on extending a set to learn about illustration cards that could be used for cognitive exams. The practical part mentions the analysis of the script and the shortcomings found, also resulting from the questionnaire. The practical part uses the results of the analyses carried out and tries to clarify the process of redesigning the script including the blank paths as much as possible. It contains, among other things, the motivation for the creation and description of the card-making process. The final output is a Biological Script and a set of additional educative cards.

 educative cards
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